The Globe

November 18th, 2012 → 2:58 pm

“O wonderful, wonderful, and most wonderful wonderful, and yet again wonderful, and after that, out of all hooping!” – As You Like It

I’m getting slightly better at taking my own picture.  Here I am in front of the stage of the reconstructed Globe Theatre.  The Globe Theatre, my friends!  I felt a sense of awe and excitement walking into the place.  The tour guide was great, very energetic and knowledgeable.  I must say though, I always pictured the pit as being rather bigger (they do say the place could hold 3,000 people), but I suppose with most everyone standing it really doesn’t have to be that big.

Thought for the day:

What are women who wear 6 inch heels to museums thinking??

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November 17th, 2012 → 5:40 pm

“Is not their climate foggy, raw and dull?” – Henry V

Well, yes, but the people are nice!  I was in the cloisters of Westminster Abbey, trying to take a picture of myself (because you aren’t allowed to take one in the Abbey itself – too bad as I couldn’t get Shakespeare’s monument in the Poet’s Corner either), when a really nice guy came up and offered to take my picture for me.  I think I must have looked rather pathetic with outstretched arms and pressed back face, trying to take my own silly picture.  Thank goodness Mr. Random Londoner came by and saved the day.

Thoughts on London so far:

  • So much history!
  • GREAT architecture.
  • Why are the sidewalks bordering the River Thames so uneven?  I’ve almost tripped and fallen on my face like a million times already.
  • The European economy really is in trouble – my London cab driver lives in Spain most of the year to save money ?!?!
  • Why do the fares for the tube have to be SO confusing?
  • Does no one use artificial sweetener in this place?
  • I like how they’ve cleaned up Trafalgar Square.
  • Impressive that Franklin Delano Roosevelt was given his own monument in Westminster Abbey – impressive both that an American is in there at all, and that Britain bestowed such an honor on our former President.
  • The last time I was in London was with my mother; not long, really, before she died.  I really miss her…

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Birthday Present

November 16th, 2012 → 6:15 am

“This is a way to kill a wife with kindness.” – Taming of the Shrew

So my birthday was in October, but my present from my husband was working things out so I could go to London for a long weekend in November and see the once-in-a-lifetime Shakespeare exhibit at the British Museum.  Can you believe it?  How spectacular.  I never imagined I’d be able to go!  Stay tuned because, if possible, my next post will be from Shakespeare’s own town…

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My Husband

November 10th, 2012 → 8:21 am

“My dearest partner of greatness.” – Macbeth

I’ve been travelling this week for work.  And next week I leave town again.  In between I’ve got a million errands and appointments.  Here’s a shout-out to my husband for helping make this crazy schedule possible!  For flexibly taking care of our son while I travel for work, and for being supportive all around.  Bottom line:  I truly don’t know how single mothers do it.

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November 2nd, 2012 → 5:04 am

“These arms of mine shall be thy winding-sheet;
My heart, sweet [mother], shall be thy sepulcher,
For from my heart thine image ne’er shall go.”  – Henry VI, Part III

“Anne” is the Turkish word for mother.  And I used to call my mother that, especially at times of sincerest endearment.  Today, November 2, is the anniversary of my mother’s death.  I will be spending it with my son on a field trip to an ecology center with his day care.  This seems eminently appropriate; mourn one generation while caring for the next.  I just hope my son doesn’t notice any sadness in mommy today…

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October 27th, 2012 → 7:04 am

“A little more than kin, and less than kind.” – Hamlet

I have a distant cousin coming to visit this weekend.  Wish me luck.  It’s always been my assumption that he means well, but he’s notorious for being blithely critical and unapologetically condescending.  “You do things that way?”  “Why would anybody think that?”  Wish me luck I remember to kiss him and not kill him.

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October 11th, 2012 → 6:14 am

“Society is no comfort
to one not sociable.”  – Cymbeline

I think I caught a cold on my recent travels.  My head hurts and I can’t stop coughing.  I’ve got to teach and go to work but frankly I’d prefer to just crawl back into bed and stay there.  I really don’t feel like being a part of society today.  *sigh*

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Baby Talk

October 1st, 2012 → 5:29 am

“So sweet and voluble is his discourse.” – Love’s Labor’s Lost

My 2 year old son is talking more and more every day, and I love it!!  I love knowing what he is thinking and watching as he processes the world.  My husband is dreading the “why” phase (“but why does Emma have that ball?”; “but why did her mommy buy it for her?”; “but why does she love her so much?”) but in all honesty, I can’t wait for that too!  What mother doesn’t love watching her baby use language for the first time?

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Which Shakespeare Heroine Are you?

September 27th, 2012 → 5:54 am

I was alerted yesterday to this silly quiz which purports to tell you which Shakespeare heroine you are most like.  My score put me between Titania and Viola which, after rounding up, makes me most like Viola.  Yeah, I am sort of “boyish, mischevious, and inventive,” I’ll go with that.

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September 25th, 2012 → 6:31 am

“A kind
Of excellent dumb discourse.”  – Tempest

Shakespeare said this about the dancing creatures that bring a banquet to the shipwrecked king in the Tempest.  It reminds me of the one, precious hour of TV I get at night after my son goes to bed and before I fall off into helpless sleep myself.  In the last few weeks I’ve caught up on Homeland and Dexter and am looking forward to the new seasons beginning at the end of the month.  Here’s to relaxing with excellent dumb TV at the end of the day…

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