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“Is not their climate foggy, raw and dull?” – Henry V

Well, yes, but the people are nice!  I was in the cloisters of Westminster Abbey, trying to take a picture of myself (because you aren’t allowed to take one in the Abbey itself – too bad as I couldn’t get Shakespeare’s monument in the Poet’s Corner either), when a really nice guy came up and offered to take my picture for me.  I think I must have looked rather pathetic with outstretched arms and pressed back face, trying to take my own silly picture.  Thank goodness Mr. Random Londoner came by and saved the day.

Thoughts on London so far:

  • So much history!
  • GREAT architecture.
  • Why are the sidewalks bordering the River Thames so uneven?  I’ve almost tripped and fallen on my face like a million times already.
  • The European economy really is in trouble – my London cab driver lives in Spain most of the year to save money ?!?!
  • Why do the fares for the tube have to be SO confusing?
  • Does no one use artificial sweetener in this place?
  • I like how they’ve cleaned up Trafalgar Square.
  • Impressive that Franklin Delano Roosevelt was given his own monument in Westminster Abbey – impressive both that an American is in there at all, and that Britain bestowed such an honor on our former President.
  • The last time I was in London was with my mother; not long, really, before she died.  I really miss her…

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