Lea Rachel

Lea Rachel comes from a literary background. Her grandmother, Beki Bahar, is an internationally published Turkish author and poet and her uncle, Anthony Kosnik, co-authored a well-respected liturgical book in the 1970s. Lea has been writing short stories since she was a little girl and when she entered college at The University of Michigan, she was originally a creative writing major. At the University of Michigan she had two short stories published in competitive University of Michigan literary publications, Prism and The Write Stuff, and it was there that she crafted and honed her writing skills.

Fearing starvation (and perhaps, to be honest, literary rejection) Lea switched her major in the middle of college to economics, and over the next ten years pursued a PhD in the subject. Along the way she traveled extensively, to Turkey, Thailand, Peru, China, and all over Europe, gathering experiences and writing short stories. Over the last few years she has established her economics career as a professor at the University of Missouri-St. Louis so that her bills can be safely paid, while in her free time she has spent every available moment working on her writing. The one time Lea entered a writing competition, the 72nd Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition, she placed fifth (out of over 18,000 entries) in the personal essay category for Insidious Red Parasite.  Recently, Lea has been an attendee at the University of Iowa summer writing workshops, and she has also become a member of a dedicated and enthusiastic St. Louis writing group.


Lea’s latest Press Kit can be found here:  Lea Rachel Media Kit