September 29th, 2012 → 8:24 am

“He must observe their mood on whom he jests,
The quality of persons, and the time;
And, like the haggard, check at every feather
That comes before his eye.  This is a practice
As full of labor as a wise man’s art.”  – Twelfth Night

I went with my friend Karen to a performance of The Improvised Shakespeare Company last night.  I was very curious to see what it was about – a Shakespearean improv comedy troupe??  I have to hand it to them, they were funny.  And it has got to be hard to do improvised rhyming in Shakespearean English like that.  I know I could never do it.  So here’s to the art of comedy, which Shakespeare as well appreciated in the quote above.

(Note ‘haggard’ is an untrained hawk.  And ‘check at’ means follow after.)

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Which Shakespeare Heroine Are you?

September 27th, 2012 → 5:54 am

I was alerted yesterday to this silly quiz which purports to tell you which Shakespeare heroine you are most like.  My score put me between Titania and Viola which, after rounding up, makes me most like Viola.  Yeah, I am sort of “boyish, mischevious, and inventive,” I’ll go with that.

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September 25th, 2012 → 6:31 am

“A kind
Of excellent dumb discourse.”  – Tempest

Shakespeare said this about the dancing creatures that bring a banquet to the shipwrecked king in the Tempest.  It reminds me of the one, precious hour of TV I get at night after my son goes to bed and before I fall off into helpless sleep myself.  In the last few weeks I’ve caught up on Homeland and Dexter and am looking forward to the new seasons beginning at the end of the month.  Here’s to relaxing with excellent dumb TV at the end of the day…

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Guest Post – Nelson Mandela

September 23rd, 2012 → 5:51 am

“Cowards die many times before their deaths,
The valiant never taste of death but once.”  – Julius Caesar

When Nelson Mandela was a prisoner in South Africa’s notorious apartheid-era Robben Island prison, a Complete Works of Shakespeare was surreptitiously passed around under the guise of a bible.  Many prisoners picked out favorite passages and signed their names by them.  Nelson Mandela signed his name by this one on December 16, 1977.

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Guest Post – Nazi Wedding

September 21st, 2012 → 6:38 am

“Was ever woman in this humor wooed?” – Richard III

In July, 1942 the Germans announced that all the Jews in Warsaw would be “resettled” to Treblinka.  There were, however, a few categories of exception and if you fit into one of them you, your wife, and you kids were all exempted.  Marcel Reich-Ranicki fell into one of those categories.  He was not married at the time but he had a girlfriend, whom he immediately (like that day) married.  As he faced the rabbi during the shotgun wedding, the Nazis just down the street, the words of Shakespeare rang in his ears:  “Was ever woman in this humor wooed?”

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Kate Middleton

September 19th, 2012 → 6:47 am

“I was
A morsel for a monarch.”  – Antony and Cleopatra

Kate Middleton was a morsel for a monarch when she married Prince William.  Now it appears that she is a morsel for the French media.  I think it is just awful what they did to her.  Can’t a person have some privacy?  And it’s not because she’s royalty, anyone should be allowed to assume naked photos of themselves won’t be published without permission!  Don’t you think?!?

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Rosh Hashanah

September 17th, 2012 → 6:01 am

“To solemnize this day, the glorious sun
Stays in his course and plays the alchemist,
Turning with splendor of his precious eye
The meagre cloddy earth to glittering gold.
The yearly course that brings his day about
Shall never see it but a holy day.”  – King John

Happy New Year to all you Jews out there celebrating Rosh Hashanah!  My son sure enjoyed his apples and honey this year.

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U.S. as Scapegoat

September 15th, 2012 → 6:49 am

“A staff is quickly found to beat a dog.” – King Henry VI, Part II

Protests against the U.S. appear to be gaining ground across the Muslim world; last I read they had spread to 20 different countries.  All over a stupid video equivalent to a schoolkid prank?  Have you seen the quality of that thing?  I’m sorry but in my opinion what is really going on here is that some fundamentalists are using the video as an excuse to attack the U.S. because they need a scapegoat for their problems.  Absolutely nothing justifies the killings and destruction that have gone on in recent days over a stupidly amateurish YouTube video.

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Ground Zero

September 12th, 2012 → 6:45 am

“Disorder, horror, fear, and mutiny,
Shall here inhabit, and this land be call’d
The field of Golgotha and dead men’s skulls.”  – Richard II

I kept taking breaks at work yesterday to read about the 9/11 remembrance ceremony taking place at Ground Zero (or should I now say the 9/11 Memorial plaza?).  It still feels to me like it all just happened yesterday.  I can’t imagine how immediate and visceral it continues to feel to the ones who were more directly affected.

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Evil Child

September 10th, 2012 → 6:29 am

“O, what may [child] within him hide, though angel on the outward side!” – Measure for Measure

My beautiful child has definitely entered the terrible twos.  He runs off towards the street and won’t stop when you yell after him.  He says he’s eaten his chewable vitamins, but I find them licked and stuck on the underside of tables.  He throws his books down and when I say that makes me sad he throws them harder and asks eagerly “Is Mommy sad?”  Sigh.  What’s a mother to do??

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