Hillary Clinton

October 15th, 2015 → 5:30 am

“She speaks poniards, and every word stabs.” – Much Ado About Nothing

Nailed it!  What a performance at the Democratic primary debate on Tuesday night.  Maybe we really do have a chance at electing a female president in this country.  And I was starting to doubt it.

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A Biden Run?

October 3rd, 2015 → 6:14 am

“But what of [Biden]?
Shall we sound him?”  – Julius Caesar

“sound him,” here means “find out his feelings.”  In the play it is Cassius that says these lines, referring to Cicero, a potential co-conspirator against Caesar.  So this quote really fits if you view Hillary Clinton as Caesar (a dictator currently on top?) and Biden as a potential turncoat (will he run)?  In the play the conspirators want Cicero to join them because he is old and wise (“for his silver hairs”) and his joining them will lend credence to their cause (i.e. murdering Caesar).  It is unclear, though, if Cicero in fact ever joins them.  What did he ultimately do?  And what will Biden end up deciding to do?

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Goodbye Boehner

September 29th, 2015 → 6:29 am

“What must the king do now?  Must he submit?
The king shall do it.  Must he be deposed?
The king shall be contented.  Must he lose
The name of king?  a God’s name, let it go.”  – Richard II

And so he did.  He let it go.  Now we all wait and watch the rest of this soap opera unfold…

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The People’s Pope

September 22nd, 2015 → 5:30 am

“There is no ancient gentlemen but gardeners, ditchers, and gravemakers –
They hold up Adam’s profession.”  – Hamlet

Welcome Pope Francis to the U.S.!  He truly seems to be a pope for the people and it heartens me to watch his travels. (Sorry for the expected traffic jams New York.)

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Donald Trump II

September 16th, 2015 → 6:21 am

“Upon what meat doth this our Caesar feed
That he is grown so great?”  – Julius Caesar

More articles about the continuing rise of Trump (and the continuing slide of so many of the other candidates).  I have long known that I just do not get public opinion; I am very much not someone who has their pulse on the American electorate.  But though I know I am not well attuned to popular opinion, I continue to be astounded by it.  This Donald Trump thing is fascinating.

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Black Lives Matter

August 10th, 2015 → 6:11 am

“I do not set my life at a pin’s fee.” – Hamlet

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of the Michael Brown shooting, and my heart broke to wake up this morning and read that the demonstrations turned into chaos last night, and another person was shot.  Heartbroken…

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That Elusive Ingredient in International Negotiations

July 16th, 2015 → 5:59 am

“What trust is in these times?”  – Henry IV, Part II

Trust – it’s the missing ingredient in the eurozone negotiations with Greece.  It never made much of an appearance in the nuclear negotiations with Iran.  I’ve read that the majority of spouses don’t trust their partners.  Whaa??  Has there always been this little trust in the world, and how did I miss it before now?

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Donald Trump

July 12th, 2015 → 6:06 am

“A gentleman that loves to hear himself talk,
and will speak more in a minute than he will stand to in a month.”  – Romeo and Juliet

The only problem with the above quote is that it refers to Trump as a gentleman.

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Marriage Equality

June 27th, 2015 → 5:53 am

“‘Tis not the many oaths that makes the truth,
But the plain single vow that is vowed true.”  – All’s Well That Ends Well

So many historic Supreme Court announcements in the past few days, I don’t know which one to focus on!  Perhaps on the one that seems to be making my friends and family most ecstatic – same-sex marriage equality.  Civil unions and other “oaths” were never right; it’s the single plain marriage vow that proffers the appropriate and deserved dignity.

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Jeb Bush

May 20th, 2015 → 5:00 am

Hamlet:  “Sir, I cannot.”

Rosencrantz:  “What, my lord?”

Hamlet:  “Make you a wholesome answer; my wit’s diseased.” – Hamlet

Forgive me for comparing Jeb Bush to Hamlet.  But at least Hamlet was pretending to be a crazed idiot – Jeb Bush apparently is one.  I still can’t get over his answer to Megyn Kelly regarding the Iraq War; does the entire Bush family live in a bubble, completely devoid of reality?!?!?!

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