Bill Clinton

September 6th, 2012 → 7:58 am

“A man of fire-new words.” – Love’s Labor’s Lost

I stayed up watching Bill Clinton’s speech last night at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, though I should have been doing other things.  It was great.  He sure has a way with words!!

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The Poor

September 4th, 2012 → 8:08 am

    “Fortune, that arrant whore,
    Ne’er turns the key to the poor.” – King Lear

When I was a graduate student in L.A. years ago, I used to volunteer at a shelter for run-away teens.  It was an enormous eye-opener for me, that people could exist that dirty, poor, and without options.  Not dirty and poor like a suburban kid after a soccer game with no bus fare home, dirty and poor like no dental care and clothes so threadbare they’re see-through.  I was recently reminded of an old friend from those days – who, sadly, never made it out.  It leaves me feeling empty and bleak.

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The British Museum-Shakespeare Exhibition

September 1st, 2012 → 9:23 am

The quote today is not from Shakespeare, but about Shakespeare.  The British Museum in London is staging a major exhibition of Shakespeare and his world right now – if I were wealthy, the trips I’d take!  As I am not independently wealthy, however, and can’t just hop on over to London for a random weekend of fun, I did the next best thing and ordered the books published in conjunction with the exhibition.  One of which is called Angels & Ducats: Shakespeare’s Money & Medals.  It is from there that the following quote is taken.  It claims that Shakespeare wrote his plays for the reward of gold.  I never really thought of that as Shakespeare’s motivation before, which I guess is ironic since I am an economist after all. 
(Note when reading below that Will Summers was Henry VIII’s jester.)

    “Did not Will Summers break his wind for thee?
    And Shakespeare therefore write his comedy?
    All things acknowledge thy vast power divine
    (Great God of Money) whose most powerful shine
    Gives motion, life.” – Thomas Randolph, Hey for Honesty, 1627

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