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“I do see the very book indeed,
Where all my sins are writ, and that’s myself.” — Richard II

The 2022 Nobel Prize in literature was just announced, and it was given to an author I admire, and who writes a lot like I do. Her books are slim, to the point, and often loosely fictionalized memoirs. She writes what is called ‘autofiction,’ but to my great disappointment, this category is not always recognized in the industry. Often, when you go to bookstores or literary websites with drop down menus, autofiction isn’t even listed. I once quizzed a literary agent about autofiction, and she didn’t even know what it was! There are a number of famous authors that write autofiction – Rachel Cusk immediately comes to mind – so I don’t understand why the category is so illusive in official industry categorizations. But I love it, I write it, and I wish there were more of it, so congratulations to Annie Ernaux, and to everyone who writes autofiction!

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