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“Happy are they that hear their detractions and can put them to mending.” — Much Ado About Nothing

Today is Yom Kippur and if you are Jewish and fasting, I wish you an easy fast. If you are not Jewish, nor fasting, happy Wednesday. If you are somewhere in the middle, like me – Jewish but not fasting, not Jewish but curious about the holiday – this post is for you. Yom Kippur is considered a time to look back over the past year and contemplate your decisions and actions – maybe ask for forgiveness from those you’ve harmed, or consider how to be a better person. It isn’t easy, looking back at one’s mistakes, even admitting to one’s mistakes (!), but it’s not a bad exercise. And if you can put your mistakes to mending, even more power to you! You are likely to have a productive upcoming year, not just a useful contemplation of the past. Gmar Tov.

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