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“Trump’s a clay-brained guts, knotty-pated fool,
whoreson obscene greasy-tallow catch, right?”  Ruth Davidson, leader of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party, the second largest party in the Scottish Parliament

Mexico’s president recently canceled a meeting with Donald Trump.  Other world leaders have admonished him harshly.  But Ruth Davidson takes the cake with an apt Shakespearean insult.  The best part is, she could have gone further.  That quote comes from a larger comment about the lying, ridiculous Falstaff which Trump does strikingly resemble (minus the humor).  Here’s the larger quote:

“These lies are like their father that begets them,
gross as a mountain, open, palpable.  Why, thou
claybrained guts, thou knotty-pated fool, thou
whoreson, obscene, greasy tallow-catch–”  – Henry IV, Part I

Translated into modern English:

These lies are like the man who tells them:
huge as a mountain, obvious, and plain as day.
You clay-brained fatso, you knuckleheaded fool,
you son of a whore, you obscene tub of lard–

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