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“Now remains
That we find out the cause of this effect,
Or rather say the cause of this defect,
For this effect defective comes by cause.”  – Hamlet

A colleague of mine told me yesterday that he’s had a sore throat for six months now (um, maybe it’s time to go see the doctor?).  My cat turned over on his back last week and we watched his belly distend and fall to the floor (the vet says it’s an allergy – ??).  My son came home from the first week of school and felt so dizzy he laid on the floor all night rather than try to stand (he seems better now).  What’s going on with all this sickness suddenly around me?  More seriously, my colleague’s ex-wife died two days ago, and on the same day I scheduled my next surgery at the Mayo Clinic.  Ah, health.  Ah, the frail human body.  Ah, sickness and disease.  I dream of the day when medicine is so advanced we just step into a machine and after three minutes of laser treatment, we’re all cured.  Wouldn’t it be nice?  Why not dream?

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