February 10th, 2016 → 5:09 am @ // No Comments

“The air bites shrewdly, it is very cold.” – Hamlet

I get much of my inspiration regarding what to blog about from reading the newspaper and keeping up with current events.  But these days, all you can read about are the U.S. presidential primaries!  It’s as if the entire rest of the world has disappeared!  So I have no real inspiration for what to blog about this morning.  I’ll instead focus on the cold winter weather.  It snowed yesterday and my poor son woke up insisting that it meant he could stay home from school.  I had to explain to him that just because there was new snow on the ground, that didn’t automatically mean there was no school.  I’m not sure he ever really got over the disappointment of having to get up out of his warm bed and face the day…

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