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“Whip me, ye devils, …
Blow me about in winds, roast me in sulfur,
Wash me in steep-down gulfs of liquid fire!”  – Othello

Wait, that’s exactly what I feel like after our latest trip with American Airlines.  We went to Mexico over the holidays, but our luggage did not!  Apparently over the six days of our trip our luggage went to Dallas, China, Singapore, and then finally on to Mexico where it arrived on the day of our departure.  As we were checking in for our flight home an agent told us to wait and, voila, our long-lost, at that point feared never-seen-again luggage, suddenly appeared!  I laughed with incredulity and the tears ran down my face, until the AA agent then asked for my credit card for the fee to check our bag in for the flight home.  I realize travel is all about the adventure, but after this last one, bandied about, insulted, hung up upon with customer service, I really do feel as though I’ve been whipped, roasted in sulfur, and then washed in gulfs of liquid fire.

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