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“I say I am your mother,
And put you in the catalogue of those
That were enwombed mine.  ‘Tis often seen
Adoption strives with nature, and choice breeds
A native slip to us from foreign seeds.
You ne’er oppress’d me with a mother’s groan,
Yet I express to you a mother’s care.”  – All’s Well That Ends Well

I used to watch friends of mine, in unguarded moments, gaze at their children with a look of such love and awe that I always assumed they were thinking:  “Look at what I created.  Look at this amazing creation of mine.”  But now I look at my adopted son in exactly the same way, and of course I didn’t create him.  I realize now that it wasn’t an inward look I was witnessing, of what I created, it was an outward look, of amazement to realize that you can love another human being that much.  Some good friends of ours just signed on to adopt another child.  Their wait to connect with a birth mother now begins.  Good luck Heather and Marc (and big brother Desmond), and Yeah Adoption!!  Woop-woop!!

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