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“Thou shalt find she will outstrip all praise.” – Tempest

In all honesty, I’m not a macroeconomist.  So I can’t confidently proclaim Yellen to be the best choice for the next Federal Reserve chairwoman(?)ship.  But from everything I do know, and have read, she sounds pretty competent to me.  And Summers would have just been a stupid choice.  So congratulations Janet!  I look forward to having a woman in the top job.

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  1. Chris Clark

    10 years ago

    My only question about Yellen is that I recall her discounting the possibility of replacing Bernanke a few years back, stating that she thought she was too old for the position. Given how long Greenspan was in the role, the comment made no sense to me at the time, and now makes me wonder what has changed her mind.

    No argument about Summers. I only wonder how he continues to get such lofty roles when he repeatedly comes under fire for making ignorant comments, collecting undeserved bonuses, and taking home lofty base pay that doesn’t appear to match his performance. The cynic in me wonders what he knows about whom to keep getting such prestigious opportunities.


    • Lea

      10 years ago

      The older I get (and I absolutely hate to admit it), the more I realize that so much in life depends on who you know. Connections, favors, paybacks, it makes a HUGE difference and I wouldn’t be surprised if Summers has a lot of that in his back pocket.


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