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“For ’tis the sport to have the [politician]
Hoist with his own petard, an’t shall go hard.”  – Hamlet

To say someone “hoist with his own petard” is, of course, a common saying for someone who falls on his own folly, or, shoots himself in the foot, or, has his own evil machinations come back to bite him.  This is what Paul Krugman in  yesterday’s op-ed says the Republican Party has now done to itself.  Baited stupidity and fed lies to its own base enough that now even Republican leaders can’t get them to believe reality.  It’d be funny, if it was threatening the functioning of our government and the life pulse of our economy.

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  1. Chris Clark

    10 years ago

    Agreed. To me it feels like the Republican party is a few groups hanging together by thin threads, with each of the groups doing what they can to pick at the threads. I’d like to see the tea party and other ‘fighting-for-the-sake-of-fighting’ conservatives split off to form a new party so the fiscally conservative moderates could run the GOP. I think that might actually bring some compromise and progress, but I’m afraid the notion of the ultra-conservatives voluntarily cutting off their own access to the campaign war chests doesn’t strike me as likely.


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