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“[I] am enjoin’d
By holy Laurence to fall prostrate here,
And beg your pardon:  pardon, I beseech you!”  – Romeo and Juliet

Every now and again we all do stupid things.  The other day I acted quite insensitively to a good friend of mine.  I’m so embarrassed thinking about it now.  Please forgive me, Arkadasim, I beseech you!

As a side note, I notice that it is extremely difficult (impossible?) to find the words “sorry,” or “apology” in Shakespeare.  There are “pardons” and acts of “forgiveness” and “repentance,” but no apologies as we would recognize them today.  According to scholars on this, in Shakespeare’s day apologies were more about seeking forgiveness from God for your sins, not other people.  It was a religious thing, not an individualistic thing.  I find this temporal distinction in what it means to say you’re sorry fascinating…

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