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“This is the time that the unjust man doth thrive.” – Winter’s Tale

The scandals concerning bankers and Wall Street just keep coming.  From Enron to Madoff and now to Barclay’s and the LIBOR manipulations.  To be honest, Wall Street messing up and doing stupid things now and again doesn’t bother me as much as the rewards that these people continue to get.  Inequality is a real problem in the U.S., in a way it hasn’t been since the 1920s.  Extreme inequality isn’t just unjust, as I’ve stated in earlier posts, it is actually harmful to overall economic health.  Bankers, who do not produce much of fundamental value and who keep making mistakes to boot, in particular simply get paid too much (i.e. “inefficient amounts” of) money.  It does appear that this is the time that the unjust man (for let’s face it, they are also mostly men) doth thrive.

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