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“He…curses all Eve’s daughters – of what complexion soever.” – The Merry Wives of Windsor

There’s been a lot of commentary lately about the G.O.P.‘s apparent “war on women.”  And it is true, that the increasing discussion and reappraisal of many issues and rights long thought decided is worrying.  But as an economist I have to wonder if much of this isn’t recession related.  When societies (like people) enter hard times, their worst tendencies tend to emerge.  Yes, much of this is emerging from Republican lawmakers, but I think the reason it is coming out now is partly because of this darn recession.  When times are good people are happy, forgiving, tolerant.  When times are bad people are resentful, accusatory, and, sadly, surprisingly intolerant.  I pray the effects of this recession end soon, so that we can return to being a relatively decent, tolerant society again.

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