Elizabeth Taylor

July 31st, 2011 → 6:56 am

“Beauty is a witch.” – Much Ado About Nothing

I watched the 1967 movie The Taming of the Shrew with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton last night.  It was quite good.  Elizabeth Taylor was an exceptional beauty, and quite a funny witch in it.  No wonder my mother loved her so much.  I don’t normally watch (because I don’t normally enjoy) old movies, but this one really was good; even my non-Shakespeare-loving husband enjoyed it to the end.

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July 26th, 2011 → 7:25 am

“Sorrow concealed, like an oven stopp’d, doth burn the heart to cinders where it is.” – Titus Andronicus

My husband and I watched the film Antwone Fisher last night (we both ended up in tears).  One of the things it reminded me of was the power of catharsis, often helped along through the aid of a good psychologist (my mother was a psychologist, and the movie also reminded me very much of her).  I had a sound disagreement with my Aunt once, who told me that a person should never voice their hurts and their feelings because it’ll just make other people feel bad.  I have never disagreed with anything more.  As the quote above eloquently states, sorrow concealed only does damage in the end.

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July 20th, 2011 → 7:23 am

“The true beginning of our end.” – Midsummer Night’s Dream

Borders has announced that it is going out of business and liquidating all its stores.  I feel as though this is the beginning of the end of the hard-copy book.  I know there are e-books and kindles and nooks and what-not, but I’m a bit old fashioned when it comes to sitting down and reading a fresh novel.  I just like having the feel of it in my hands.  I know e-books are the wave of the future, and I’m sure I’ll adjust, but I am just a little sad that the traditional hard-copy book seems to be losing its place at the pinnacle of a well-stocked library.

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Debt Talks / Al Pacino

July 12th, 2011 → 7:16 am

“Talkers are no good doers.” – Richard III

Last night I watched a great documentary by Al Pacino on playing Shakespeare’s Richard III.  It was great fun watching him dissect some of the famous lines and scenes, as well as try to get teenagers in Central Park to go and see a Shakespeare play.  I was watching it, thinking, what quote could I use for today’s blog post?  And then, lo and behold, this one came up, which also perfectly described the posturing budget talks currently taking place in Washington, D.C.  If all the craziness on Capitol Hill is driving you insane, rent Pacino’s movie, it’ll at least take your mind off things for a little while…

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This American Life

July 5th, 2011 → 7:57 am

“My fault is past.  But, O, what form of prayer
Can serve my turn? ‘Forgive me my foul murder’?
That cannot be; since I am still possess’d
Of those effects for which I did the murder,
My crown, mine own ambition and my queen.  
May one be pardon’d and retain the offence?” 
– Hamlet

I’ve been listening to the radio show This American Life since it began in 1995.  With the podcast now, I believe I have never missed an episode.  Before the podcast I used to schedule my weekly house cleaning around the time the show aired so I could listen to it while I dusted and swept.  Anyhow, this week they are re-playing my favorite episode of all time, Act V, about a production of Hamlet put on in a high-security prison.  A show that contemplates murder, acted out by murderers.  It makes me well up in tears every time.

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