Richard III

February 5th, 2013 → 7:51 am

“Sin, death, and hell have set their marks on him.” – Richard III

And apparently, that’s how his remains were identified.  It’s been utterly fascinating to read about the 500 year old bones of Richard III found in a parking lot.  It’ll be interesting to see the new theories and thoughts that come out of the discovery…  if only we could find the two princes that he murdered, now that would be awesome!

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February 3rd, 2013 → 9:19 am

“He’s revengeful, and I know his sword
Hath a sharp edge.”  – Henry VIII

I read this morning about the death of Chris Kyle, a former Navy SEAL and author of a book (“American Sniper”) that detailed his killing of more than 150 insurgents.  All I have to say is, while he clearly was a very smart shooter, he was not a very smart author.  Who writes a book about it??  Of course someone was going to then seek him out for revenge.  Was two minutes of fame (and I imagine a decent book advance) worth it?

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Guest Post – Jack Hirshleifer on Gary Becker

February 1st, 2013 → 7:00 am

Lear: “Dost thou call me fool, boy?”

Fool: “All thy other titles thou has given away; that thou wast born with.”  – King Lear

I came across an old academic article by Jack Hirshleifer the other day (“Shakespeare vs. Becker on Altruism: The Importance of Having the Last Word,” Journal of Economic Literature 15(2):500-502) where Jack begins the article with this Shakespeare quote, and then uses it throughout the piece.  I won’t bother to explain the economics of it here, but it was fun to read.  Let’s just say that Jack wasn’t calling Nobel Prize winner Gary Becker a fool himself, but he was arguing a non-foolhardy point in Becker’s analysis.

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