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“Patch grief with proverbs.” – Much Ado About Nothing

or platitudes, or song lyrics, or other stupid sayings that many people think are helpful but that tend to just grate on my nerves.  Wouldn’t it help to stop the grief of mass shootings if we implemented stricter gun control laws, for example on assault weapons?  My husband thinks such laws would be useless in stopping gun violence, but just because we can’t stop something totally, does that mean we don’t even try to limit it marginally?

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  1. Chris Clark

    10 years ago

    I’m sorry to say that I agree with your husband, and that I find the mindset somewhat depressing. Personally, I’d like to see restrictions on clip size, registration of all guns, background check updates with mental health reviews at the cost of the firearm owner, and accurate restrictions on assault weapons (as opposed to the prior “it looks like an assault weapon so it must be” limitations that left real assault weapons legal and criminalized some single-shot weapons that looked like machine guns. I also find the fact that there are machine-BB/pellet guns to be disturbing commentary on society–steel pellets fired at high rates of speed can kill quite effectively–but I doubt that will enter into the debate among the legislators.


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