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“We would, and we would not.” – Measure for Measure

My husband and I received some unexpected, surprising, frankly shocking news about our son yesterday.  It required an immediate decision on our part, which felt impossible.  Ultimately we had to make a choice, but I think it’s going to haunt us forever as to whether we made the right one or not…and we will never know…  How do you let the torment of indecision go and just trust in (god?) that you did the right thing???

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  1. Chris Clark

    9 years ago

    Most of what I could say would sound trite and this may, too, but I do believe it: if you’ve done the best you can with the knowledge you had at the time, then there’s nothing more that anyone could ask of you. I think you’ll find that if you’re doing the best you can and doing what you think is best for your son, then things will turn out positively for him. The outcomes may not be what you expected or even hoped for, but just because you wanted to fly to Paris doesn’t mean Amsterdam isn’t a nice place to be.

    I hope it all works out for the best for the three of you.


    • Lea

      9 years ago

      Thank you. I’m sorry I was so vague about what happened in the post, but I do believe Vincent has a right to his history and when he gets older if he wants to share it to the wider public, that’s fine, but I shouldn’t really do it for him now. Anyway, with a cryptic post all I can expect is cryptic advice, but what you said rings very, very true. That’s what I have been telling myself, all last night as I didn’t sleep much and all this morning too… We can only just do our best with the knowledge we have at hand… and we are trying our best… life is just a crazy beast…


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